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Latest reviews for Fuller's Towing & Recovery 5/5.0 stars (39 reviews)

Tim in Cumby, TX *****
Awesome friends awesome service.
Kim in Tyler, TX *****
I was recently in a wreck and Fullers was so awesome to me. I truly appreciate great people in bad time. Thank you for being there.
Paul in Flint, MI *****
Fast ,Friendly , and Fair . Great company
Randy in Forney, TX *****
Really quick service and fair price. Call them if you need help.
Jeanette in Canton, TX *****
7 December 2019: My Corvette was schedule to participate in the Canton Christmas parade last night when the linkage the entrance the the line up. It was a tad bit stressful, as I was embarrassed and concerned about impacting the parade. The Fuller team was onsite and able to manually put the car in gear and clear the driveway. The team was a delight....Easy going, friendly and very helpful. Much appreciated, Gents. Can I offer the team dinner? Jeanette Wayne, Double J Ranch
Deberah in Grand Saline, TX *****
I would like to give a public thank you to Nathan from the Canton location. He went above and beyond to help me to simply calm down when I was feeling so frustrated with my situation. I was hoping to only need a jump start but it turned out that I needed to be towed. I was nearly in tears but his kind words brought me into focus and made me realize that everything was gonna be ok. He is truly a God send and I pray that he is blessed for being such a good person.
Paul in Gladewater, TX *****
My turbo blew needed to getload delivered your driver driver in tyler got me to a shop in record time i was back on the road in just a few hours friendly service reasonable price and quick thanks
Christopher in Sulfur springs, TX *****
Tracy came and picked me up within a matter of minutes. Very professional and courteous. Believe me if they sucked I would tell u bit in this case I would highly recommend u call them if ever in need of service. Price was absolutely reasonable. If u dont call them and call someone else, consider yourself the fool...
ken in Terrell, TX *****
Accidentally ran my jeep into a ditch in the pouring rain because I couldn't see my turn. These guys were out in less than 20 minutes to pull me out. Then, they didn't even charge me their whole fee since I was able to drive the truck home. Not only that, he called me to check and make sure the vehicle drove okay on the way home in case it needed to be towed to a mechanic! These guys are amazing.
Cricket in Forney, TX *****
I am so apprecitive to fullers tow comoany they saved me today for sure... I sat in traffic for 2 hrs waiting on a accident to clear up my car battery died and after he got done doing what he had to do with the wreck he came and jump started my car for me.. He didnt have 2 but he did it out of the kindness of his heart... If I ever need help again they will for sure be the company I use and recommend. THANK YOU SO MUCH
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